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As of October 1, 2018, Sean Cole. Will suspend its sales activities indefinitely.

  • If you have a running contract that you have signed in the past, you have nothing to do! Their contracts are still managed by Sean Cole.
  • The deadline for submitting new contracts is 28 September 2018 only.
  • Other members of the Good Finance Group and their clients are not affected by this decision.

Financial interest


Good Finance has sold several financial interests in Hungary, including at the beginning of the summer it became clear that Good Lender has taken over Good Finance’s performing loan portfolio! Overdue loans may have been received by the Good Finance Manager.

As a rational move, Good Finance already sold its Czech life and Slovakian life and pension insurance interests to the NN Group in August, for an estimated USD 155 million.

Good Finance Lakás Savings Fund finished fourth and last in the domestic housing savings market.

Its operation lasted for 4 years, and by the end of 2017 it had reached 16.2 billion forints.


No lending activity, unlike other home savings funds, these figures are from the end of 2017.

Home price changes


If you are interested in home price changes, are planning to buy a property or would like to use various home loans and home savings, please do not hesitate to contact our credit broker, who can get professional information from personalized offers!

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